Lying Prosecutors and the Charade of Disciplinary Actions

This week a disciplinary panel in Missouri recommended St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner be found guilty of egregious misconduct in her prosecution of republican Governor Eric Greitens.

The panel concluded that Gardner and an FBI agent both lied about evidence in a criminal case they pursued against Greitens.  The FBI agent, William Don Tisaby, pled guilty in March to tampering with evidence.

Governor Greitens was previously described by the New York Times as a “Rising GOP Star”, but was criminally charged by Kim Gardner for taking an alleged sexual photo of his ex-lover without her permission and for claims of campaign finance violations.

Greitens maintained his innocence and called it “legal harassment.”  After being forced to resign, the criminal case against him fell apart and a complaint was made against Kim Gardner for prosecutorial misconduct.

After an investigation and a hearing the Missouri disciplinary panel determined that Gardner willfully and deliberately lied and allowed an FBI agent to lie about evidence against Greitens.

Providing the proper evidence to defendants is “one of the most basic responsibilities of a prosecutor,” the panel said.   And yet despite recommending the State Supreme Court find her guilty, the panel recommended she not be punished.

If willfully and deliberately lying about evidence in a criminal case against an elected sitting Governor, who was then forced to resign, is not enough to warrant punishment, then what possible recourse does any average Missourian have by filing a disciplinary complaint against any corrupt prosecutor?

This is not the first time Kim Gardner has been mired in controversy after winning her first term as St. Louis’ Circuit Attorney (aka District Attorney) with funding from George Soros.

Gardner previously prosecuted a white couple for guarding their house while holding firearms after armed Black Lives Matter rioters broke on to their private property and threatened to rape and murder them. None of the criminal rioters were charged.

And like other radical, George Soros financed, pro-Black Lives Matter prosecutors, Kim Gardner’s woke racial equity reforms apparently involve not prosecuting black defendants for violent crimes, such as murder.  Gardner and her staff have been known not to show up to hearings, hence forcing the court to dismiss murder cases.  Last year in a span of one week the Court was forced by Gardner’s tactics to dismiss three separate murder cases.  In one of the cases the judge finally made it clear who was responsible, stating:

“In a case like this where the Circuit Attorney’s office has essentially abandoned its duty to prosecute those it charges with crimes, the court must impartially enforce the law and any resultant threat to public is the responsibility of the Circuit Attorney’s Office.”

While letting violent criminals walk, Gardner used her office to go after the police. Prosecuting offices are not tasked with doing criminal investigations, but Gardner’s office overstepped its role by conducting its own criminal investigations and prosecutions of police officers.

In 2019, the Missouri Police Union blasted Gardner’s office for “unprecedented abuse of power” in charging two police officers instead of the suspect they sought charges against for shooting at them.  In a statement, St. Louis Police Officers Association’s Jeff Roorda said:

“Kim Gardner has disregarded the statements of four police officers, video evidence and forensic evidence and instead decided to take the word of a would-be cop-killer who the police department describes as a known gang member and charged the victims in this crime [instead].”

The Police Union also called for a criminal investigation into Gardner’s finances.  The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Gardner $63,009 for concealing financial contributions and using her campaign funds for personal expenses.

In 2020 Gardner filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing the city, the local police union and others of entrenched racism and a racist conspiracy to block her reform agenda and force her out of office.

Like countless other criminal prosecutors across the country, Kim Gardner uses her office to engage in prosecutorial misconduct and civil rights abuse with impunity.

Thanks to the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel who failed the people of Missouri, Kim Gardner is free to use her law license and prosecutorial power to abuse the innocent, protect the guilty, and undermine the entire justice system in St. Louis.

Law enforcement and the judicial system fail the American people with their useless investigations and corrupt disciplinary board charades which routinely give lawless prosecutors a pass for their crimes.

Gardner is currently running for re-election, as one of 24 radical prosecutors elected in to office with the help of George Soros’s $29 million investment to reshape America using the unchecked power of the prosecutors.

© Vladek Filler

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