Maine Governor Janet Mills: Secret informants, abuse of power, and the end of Maine

Part I.

I remember Janet Mills.  During my bitter split up and child custody dispute I was subjected to false allegations, trumped up charges, and egregious prosecutorial and police misconduct.

Janet Mills, acting as Attorney General, reviewed the case after the trial Court overturned a false conviction due to prosecutor’s misconduct.  The prosecutor, Mary Kellett, by law had to obtain approval from Janet Mills to file an appeal.  If successful, the state’s appeal would have created a new legal precedent in Maine limiting the accused from defending themselves while allowing prosecutors to commit misconduct.  Most legal professionals who reviewed the record were shocked by the trumped up case and the misconduct, but not Janet Mills.  After reviewing the record she approved the prosecutorial misconduct and state’s appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Mills also assigned her staff prosecutors to help Mary Kellett craft the appeal for one of the most egregious examples of prosecutorial malfeasance in Maine’s history.  My life was turned in to a living nightmare.  I endured 12 years of legal battles, threats, criminal prosecutions, and false imprisonment before being fully vindicated.

My legal complaints resulted in the first prosecutor in Maine to be disciplined by the Board of Overseers of the Bar, and for the first Federal civil rights lawsuit against Maine prosecutors to be settled for charges of prosecutorial misconduct.  

Former Chief Justice of the Federal District Court issued an apology and called my experience in Maine’s legal system a “living embodiment of what Franz Kafka wrote about” in his novel The Trial.  Whether reluctantly or not, that Kafkaesque nightmare was approved and supported by Janet Mills.  

Despite numerous court findings and numerous under oath admissions by state perpetrators, not a single law enforcement officer or prosecutor has been held accountable.  None of the police officers were even placed on the Giglio List so their past misconduct could be disclosed in future cases they are involved in.

Janet Mills, as Attorney General and Governor, has not used her authority to hold abusive police and prosecutors to legal or professional standards. 

Part II.

Long before Governor Janet Mills’ Chinese-style lockdowns and persecution of mom-and-pop businesses, she openly advocated for Maine to be turned into East Germany styled police state.  Since 2007, Mills proposed the creation of a network of secret police informants throughout Maine communities.  Even hairdressers would be mandated to proactively engage in small talk with female customers in order to interrogate them about their husbands and their family lives. That information would be secretly reported to police handlers.  It reminded me of the Soviet Union, where neighbors would spy on each other for the state, and where everyone was forced to live in fear and suspicion of each other.  This is the Orwellian vision Janet Mills has articulated for Maine communities in the name of combating domestic violence.

Janet Mills, as a prominent feminist activist, spent much of her life defining and prosecuting the meaning of “consent”.  Yet Mills has used her power to force even medically trained doctors to submit to injections of experimental Covide-19 shots against their will.  “No” does not mean “no” to Janet Mills when she orders Mainers to submit.  If Janet Mills can decree even medical doctors to be injected with experimental drugs against their own medical objections, then what can’t she compel people of Maine to submit to?

But Mills does believe in civil rights, however not the kind most people would recognize. She charged a Christian protester with civil rights violations because he was preaching the bible outside an abortion clinic, which she claimed violated the ‘civil rights’ of people inside Planned Parenthood.  Publicly practicing Christianity is now a civil rights violation in Janet Mills’ Maine because it is deemed an interference to consultations encouraging Maine women to terminate their pregnancies.

And while Maine families are disappearing, Maine’s youth are suffering and dying from the opioid epidemic.  The number one cause of death of Maine men in their prime is suicide and drug overdose, yet for years Janet Mills not only ignored, but has shamed, blamed, and demonized Maine men and boys.

And as Mainers suffer with drugs, poverty, housing, and inflation, Janet Mills has focused on resettling countless thousands of illegal African migrants in to Maine communities.  Local homeless and disabled veterans and poor families struggle to find shelters and affordable housing, while thousands of illegal aliens are settled in to Maine shelters and hotels with all their expenses paid for by struggling taxpayers.

Janet Mills sued the Trump administration on behalf of millions of illegal aliens at a time when Maine has “no-go zones” where native Mainers are assaulted simply for walking in their own neighborhoods and public parks because African gangs have claimed some areas as their territory.  Maine children are labeled as ‘racist’ if they complain about the violence and the 3rd world gangs that have been placed into their schools and communities.

The mass resettlement of illegal aliens from the 3rd world brings more crime, more rapes,  more drugs, more sex trafficking, and more domestic violence.  It is native Mainers who are blamed for the crime statistics which are used by the State to justify more Orwellian laws and abuses against Maine families.

Janet Mills’ priorities have been abortions, divisive race and gender politics, and mass resettlement of criminal aliens into Maine.  This deliberate transformation of once peaceful Maine communities, of Maine traditions, and of Maine’s social cohesion into a 3rd world hell hole, with a banana republic justice system, will be Janet Mills’ true legacy.  


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