Beloved School Principal Commits Suicide After Angry Wife’s False Accusation

Christopher Christensen, 51, committed suicide on Saturday following his wife’s false accusation which she made after a heated verbal argument. It resulted in him being “quickly and easily” arrested, and his life and career completely ruined.

According to his adult daughter Brittany Christensen, he was never violent and it was his new wife Marlena Lynn who was the abuser in the marriage.

She stated, “He’d been trying to figure out how to leave her.”

“She’s been abusive to our entire family for five years.”

According to Brittany, the claims Marlena made to the police that caused her father to be arrested were “riddled with lies.” Contrary to his polite suicide note, Brittany states her father’s suicide was his final attempt to get free from his abusive wife.

In his wife Marlena’s only public statement, she suggests that she is the victim as a result of his suicide.

Below is his suicide note.

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