Female Clients Having Sex With Their Divorce Lawyers

In the past few years there have been numerous reports of Maine lawyers engaging in sexual relations with their female clients in the course of representing them in divorces and other legal matters.   Judging by the number of reports this may be a bigger problem than anyone realizes.  

In the most recent case an attorney was reprimanded for having a sexual relationship with a female client he was representing in a divorce and protection from abuse matter.  The judge ruled that he should have merely obtained signed informed consent from her of any potential conflicts of interest.  

One would imagine that a personal, emotional, and sexual investment in a divorce proceeding would be an insurmountable conflict of interest that should disqualify any attorney who is so personally involved, yet there are many such cases in Maine and the rules have massive loopholes.  

And what is not being reported are any cases of females engaging in sexual relations with police or prosecutors who may have direct or indirect conflicts of interest.  Nor anything about police officers who abuse their power to win favor with attractive damsels in distress.

One sheriff’s deputy in Maine who was marginally involved in a case decided to unofficially approach the woman in the case and offer her his personal help.  She lost her parental rights and was making false criminal allegations as a way to game a child custody battle.

The deputy created a police report, then withheld and destroyed exculpatory evidence in violation of a court order, and then used his official standing to advocate for the woman as a witness in a criminal case.  He was even caught committing perjury.  The unanswered question is what motivated him to engage in such misconduct?

If men with power even remotely imagine sexual opportunities with a damsel in distress, or if women even subtly use their sexuality to gain influence, it can profoundly personalize and pervert the course of justice.  And in cases where there are actual sexual relations with police or with officers of the court, then due process becomes corrupted beyond redress.

One former longtime Maine District Attorney settled a lawsuit against him for openly referring to the women around him as “sluts” and “whores.” Beyond all the clutching of the pearls that followed, one adult question remains–why did a long time District Attorney feel that the women he was dealing with warranted such labels?  Was it due to the number of false sexual assault claims being made to his office or was it the reputations of some of the complaining women? It is a question worth asking.

Recently, a Maine judge was placed on leave and subsequently two females filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment at an out of state conference. One woman is a drug court employee, and the other woman is a district attorney who claims the judge propositioned her for sex within 3 minutes of meeting her.  Arguably the most troubling lawsuit allegation is that he was:  

“known to show favoritism toward young, attractive, female drug treatment court clients. Judge Budd treats such clients more favorably than male clients, or clients that he does not deem sexually attractive.”

Such alleged gender discrimination by a presiding court judge appears to be another civil rights abuse scandal that will never be investigated by the Maine Attorney General.

Some of these sexual relationships might seem like some depraved win-win arrangement if they were not done at the expense of all the innocent men who might be unfairly or more aggressively prosecuted, or punished, or end up losing their children, their assets, their freedom, and even end up losing their life.

Apparently men are just not sexy enough to get equal justice, or even get any legal aid representation in their divorces.  When the courts are done with men, many are left broke and broken.

It is no wonder why the male suicide rate has been off the charts for many years.  No media outlets ever report how many men are driven to suicide as a result of legal abuse and the loss of their parental rights.  Many of these men are veterans who are driven to suicide by the abuse in the divorce court.

And what do some of these cases say about the women who are willing to trade sex or get in to relationships with their divorce attorney in the course of their legal cases?  Are these women victims?  

There is silence about this from the radical feminist groups who have spent decades corrupting the justice system at every level to the point that it is Constitutionally unrecognizable.  Perhaps these groups view such sexual relationships with attorneys as female empowerment.

But such attorney/client relationships don’t seem to end well for the men, and no surprise, some ironically end up facing false abuse or ethics complaints when such relationships run their course.  

Earlier I mentioned loopholes in the ethics code.  According to America Bar Association rules, sexual relationship between an attorney and his female client apparently does not violate ethics rules so long as the relationship precedes the legal representation.  In other words, so long as the lawyer engages in a sexual relationship with his female client in the course of her extra marital affair or before he starts legally representing her, than this is considered ethical under the ABA rules.  Or, the lawyer and his female client could simply claim they were in a relationship prior to the legal representation, and who could disprove that in a course of a mere ethics complaint?  

Perhaps the Courts should just issue clear guidance concerning how their own “officers of the court” should be providing legal services to divorcing women who they are having sex with.

Likewise, it would be helpful for men to know exactly who do they have to sleep with in order to find justice in the legal system?    Because like the courts, and the gender discriminatory legal aid agencies, even the suicide hotline phones on Maine bridges don’t work for the desperate men that need them most.  

Yefim Filler: A Hero Killed

Exactly 80 years ago today, my grandfather, Yefim Filler, was killed in battle fighting the Nazi German invaders.  

My grandfather was a very patriotic and brave fighter.  He enlisted immediately on June 23, 1941- which was the very next day after Nazi Germany began invading Soviet Union.  My grandfather faced an enemy that came to engage in mass extermination of Slavs and Jews in an effort to colonize Russian lands.  Methodically, as the German army advanced, it was followed behind by Nazi mass murdering death squads known as “Eisatzgruppen.”

Eisatzgruppen rounded up and murdered civilians as part of Nazis’ detailed “General Plan OST (East)”, which was prepared for Hitler as a blueprint for exterminating Slavic people and resettling Germans on their lands.  It is estimated that between 27-40 million Soviet men, women, and children were murdered by the Nazis during WW2.

In one of his last communications with my grandmother, my grandfather assured her he and his fellow soldiers were ready to “fight to the death” against Nazi invaders to defend the motherland.  My grandmother, a very smart and strong woman, was six months pregnant at the time and caring for their four children. She made a fateful decision to ignore my grandfather’s advice and instead took their children, while pregnant, and physically fought a huge crowd in order to evacuate Kiev to go further in to Russia. By making that decision she saved all our lives. Most of their friends, neighbors, and family members who did not evacuate were mass murdered by the Nazis.

After entering and occupying the city of Kiev, on September 29-30, 1941 the German army with the help of Bandera Nazi Ukrainians, rounded up all the Jews in Kiev, then stripped, bludgeoned, raped, and executed all of them in the Babi Yar massacre.  In just those two days 33,771 people, mostly Jews, were shot and buried, even while still alive, in a ravine called Babi Yar. 

As a child, I recall my family passing the Babi Yar site and everyone knew that it was the place where the blood drenched soil moved for days following the massacre.  By the time the Russian army liberated Kiev, it is estimated that between 100,000 and 150,000 Jews and Christian Slavs were massacred and buried in the Babi Yar by the Nazis.  It is one of thousands of Nazi Eisatzgruppen mass murder sites in Soviet Union where millions were exterminated and buried.

My grandfather fought in the war for 1 ½ years, and ended up in one of the most hellish battle scenes of the war in what became known as Russia’s Demyansk Pocket, where the Red Army encircled the Nazis who attempted to take Moscow. 

By the winter of 1942-43, the tides were turning against the brutal Nazi invaders.  Decisive battles in places like Stalingrad and elsewhere dealt what would become fatal blows to German fantasies and its Third Reich.  But on February 8, 1943 my grandfather, a sniper in a shooting brigade, was killed in battle.  Within weeks of his death, the Germans responsible were surrounded and crushed.  My grandfather’s remains were buried and then reburied in a mass grave.  He died a hero and left behind my grandmother to raise their surviving five young children alone.

Today, 80 years later, Kiev is again occupied by the Bandera Nazis who proudly wear the Nazi swastika uniforms, tattoos, and fly Nazi flags in Kiev.  Russian language has been banned.  1200 year old Christian Orthodox Church has been banned.  WW2 Nazi war criminals now have streets renamed after them in Kiev.  WW2 memorials honoring Red Army heroes are torn down.  Survivors and WW2 heroes are being abused and prevented from celebrating Red Army’s victory over Nazism. 

Thousands of men, women, and small children have been murdered and crimes against humanity have been committed by the Kiev regime.  And today, Germany is again training and supplying heavy weapons to Ukrainian Neo-Nazis with the aim to kill Slavs and seize control of natural and strategic resources.

My grandfather, like 27 million of my people, gave his life to liberate all of Russia/Ukraine and the world from Nazism.  May he rest in peace, and may his spirit of patriotism and bravery live on in those who fight to liberate Kiev and the rest of Russian lands today.

Beloved School Principal Commits Suicide After Angry Wife’s False Accusation

Christopher Christensen, 51, committed suicide on Saturday following his wife’s false accusation which she made after a heated verbal argument. It resulted in him being “quickly and easily” arrested, and his life and career completely ruined.

According to his adult daughter Brittany Christensen, he was never violent and it was his new wife Marlena Lynn who was the abuser in the marriage.

She stated, “He’d been trying to figure out how to leave her.”

“She’s been abusive to our entire family for five years.”

According to Brittany, the claims Marlena made to the police that caused her father to be arrested were “riddled with lies.” Contrary to his polite suicide note, Brittany states her father’s suicide was his final attempt to get free from his abusive wife.

In his wife Marlena’s only public statement, she suggests that she is the victim as a result of his suicide.

Below is his suicide note.

Maine District Attorney Matthew Foster Smeared with Old Sexual Assault Claim 

From Justice Clarence Thomas, to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to now, Maine District Attorney Matt Foster–another Republican and another long dismissed sexual abuse allegation publicized just 5 days before the election.  

Matt Foster’s attorney Walter McKee called the woman’s old allegations “baseless.” Years ago Foster fully cooperated and submitted to two lie detector tests given by separate examiners. 

“That showed that he was telling the truth that he never, ever engaged in any improper behavior at all. The matter was completely closed, correctly, at that time […] It is dumbfounding to see this kind of attack come against Matt, who was totally cleared of any wrongdoing, something this complainant knows full well. It is clearly an effort to smear Matt” said McKee. 

Foster himself categorically denied the allegations. “I stand by everything I said in these examinations, and which I have said from day one: I never engaged in any of this conduct,” Foster said. “I am outraged that these false statements are being made about me. I will not stand for it a moment longer.”

Foster was an Ellsworth Maine defense attorney who defended many innocent people that were prosecuted by former assistant district attorney Mary Kellett.  He ran and won the DA election in 2014 to replace a disgraced administration that had a record of engaging in prosecutorial misconduct.  

Not only were the disgraced prosecutors against Matt Foster, but even the former Attorney General Janet Mills tried to undermine Foster’s reforms by withholding funding he needed to hire new prosecutors for his office.

From the beginning, Foster was up against a corrupt system which did not want any changes to the status quo of the lawless cancer that fed on the lives of countless innocent and disadvantaged Mainers in Hancock and Washington counties.  The feminist activists, the police, the advocates, the investigators, and even defense attorneys have not appreciated Matt Foster cutting back frivolous prosecutions which deprived many people of their very lucrative income streams.  No one has reported about that. 

It is also about the corrupt power and influence, which radical feminist groups, some in law enforcement, and in the media, have enjoyed during the previous DA administration.  If there is one thing my own legal saga, my historic Bar Complaint, and my unprecedented Civil Rights Lawsuit showed me, it was that the former prosecutor in my case was only one cog in a well-greased wheel that with impunity could at any time crush anyone through the media, the police, and the court system.   

What Matt Foster did was clean up that District Attorney’s office for the first time in its history.  He also curbed the abuse of prosecutorial discretion and weighed the actual evidence and justice in cases rather than just trump up and fabricate charges to prosecute people. 

Foster publicly reaffirmed that his job as prosecutor was to seek justice and not merely a conviction.  He has declined to prosecute many cases for lack of evidence. For that, Matt Foster has been despised by the establishment and by the special interest groups, all who feed off prosecutorial corruption and people’s suffering.

Some law enforcement agencies have come out to endorse Foster’s opponent, who promises to bring back many more prosecutions of “he said/she said” cases, especially more cases referred for prosecution by local feminist groups.   This would be a return to disgraced former DA’s office policies which were aided and abetted by organizations like Next Step, but which many people called a “Modern Day Witch Hunt.”

Washington County Sheriff Barry Curtis and Representative William Tuell, have voiced criticism of Foster as part of their campaign to split the district to create their own District Attorney office in their much smaller and poorer county.  It is not clear whether those efforts could result in re-employing former county prosecutor Paul Cavanaugh, who lost the DA race to Matt Foster in 2014, and subsequently failed to even get appointed DA in another jurisdiction.  

Cavanaugh was the Washington County prosecutor in the previous DA administration, and was found by Federal Court to have engaged in defamation while acting as prosecutor.  In 2018 four top prosecutors from that 7th District Attorney’s office settled my civil rights lawsuit with me.  Paul Cavanaugh, Mary Kellett, Michael Povich, and Carletta Bassano became the first prosecutors in Maine’s history to settle a civil rights lawsuit for subjecting me to what the Judge described as the “living embodiment of what Franz Kafka wrote about” in his novel The Trial.  These are the individuals who ran the 7th District Attorney’s office for decades until Matt Foster took it over and cleaned it up.  

And while Washington County Sheriff Barry Curtis voices concerns for holding criminals accountable, his own deputy privately offered to help my accuser ex-wife, withheld a crucial exculpatory video tape, ignored a court order, and 10 years and two criminal trials later was finally caught giving false testimony about the withheld evidence.  I would like to know what Sheriff Barry Curtis did to hold his own deputy accountable for perjury and withholding exculpatory court ordered evidence from an innocent person? 

But today, it is reformer DA Matt Foster, the man who put an end to the culture of corruption in Ellsworth who is being publicly smeared using old allegations that were fully investigated and dismissed even by Janet Mills’ own Attorney General’s office.   

And it is ironic, that after I risked my life and endured threats intended to keep me silent about the misconduct of police and prosecutors, that the media in Maine has not been interested in reporting details of what I fought so hard to prove, and sacrificed so much to expose. 

Perhaps DA Matt Foster said it best in his recent closing statement at the candidates forum:  

“The people of Hancock and Washington Counties have a choice, they can vote to reelect me and my team to serve them competently and justly, or they can vote to send District 7 back to where it was before my administration–in trouble.  The choice is clear. I’d appreciate your support and your vote on November 8.” 

And I say, Amen to that. 

Maine Governor Janet Mills: Secret informants, abuse of power, and the end of Maine

Part I.

I remember Janet Mills.  During my bitter split up and child custody dispute I was subjected to false allegations, trumped up charges, and egregious prosecutorial and police misconduct.

Janet Mills, acting as Attorney General, reviewed the case after the trial Court overturned a false conviction due to prosecutor’s misconduct.  The prosecutor, Mary Kellett, by law had to obtain approval from Janet Mills to file an appeal.  If successful, the state’s appeal would have created a new legal precedent in Maine limiting the accused from defending themselves while allowing prosecutors to commit misconduct.  Most legal professionals who reviewed the record were shocked by the trumped up case and the misconduct, but not Janet Mills.  After reviewing the record she approved the prosecutorial misconduct and state’s appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Mills also assigned her staff prosecutors to help Mary Kellett craft the appeal for one of the most egregious examples of prosecutorial malfeasance in Maine’s history.  My life was turned in to a living nightmare.  I endured 12 years of legal battles, threats, criminal prosecutions, and false imprisonment before being fully vindicated.

My legal complaints resulted in the first prosecutor in Maine to be disciplined by the Board of Overseers of the Bar, and for the first Federal civil rights lawsuit against Maine prosecutors to be settled for charges of prosecutorial misconduct.  

Former Chief Justice of the Federal District Court issued an apology and called my experience in Maine’s legal system a “living embodiment of what Franz Kafka wrote about” in his novel The Trial.  Whether reluctantly or not, that Kafkaesque nightmare was approved and supported by Janet Mills.  

Despite numerous court findings and numerous under oath admissions by state perpetrators, not a single law enforcement officer or prosecutor has been held accountable.  None of the police officers were even placed on the Giglio List so their past misconduct could be disclosed in future cases they are involved in.

Janet Mills, as Attorney General and Governor, has not used her authority to hold abusive police and prosecutors to legal or professional standards. 

Part II.

Long before Governor Janet Mills’ Chinese-style lockdowns and persecution of mom-and-pop businesses, she openly advocated for Maine to be turned into East Germany styled police state.  Since 2007, Mills proposed the creation of a network of secret police informants throughout Maine communities.  Even hairdressers would be mandated to proactively engage in small talk with female customers in order to interrogate them about their husbands and their family lives. That information would be secretly reported to police handlers.  It reminded me of the Soviet Union, where neighbors would spy on each other for the state, and where everyone was forced to live in fear and suspicion of each other.  This is the Orwellian vision Janet Mills has articulated for Maine communities in the name of combating domestic violence.

Janet Mills, as a prominent feminist activist, spent much of her life defining and prosecuting the meaning of “consent”.  Yet Mills has used her power to force even medically trained doctors to submit to injections of experimental Covide-19 shots against their will.  “No” does not mean “no” to Janet Mills when she orders Mainers to submit.  If Janet Mills can decree even medical doctors to be injected with experimental drugs against their own medical objections, then what can’t she compel people of Maine to submit to?

But Mills does believe in civil rights, however not the kind most people would recognize. She charged a Christian protester with civil rights violations because he was preaching the bible outside an abortion clinic, which she claimed violated the ‘civil rights’ of people inside Planned Parenthood.  Publicly practicing Christianity is now a civil rights violation in Janet Mills’ Maine because it is deemed an interference to consultations encouraging Maine women to terminate their pregnancies.

And while Maine families are disappearing, Maine’s youth are suffering and dying from the opioid epidemic.  The number one cause of death of Maine men in their prime is suicide and drug overdose, yet for years Janet Mills not only ignored, but has shamed, blamed, and demonized Maine men and boys.

And as Mainers suffer with drugs, poverty, housing, and inflation, Janet Mills has focused on resettling countless thousands of illegal African migrants in to Maine communities.  Local homeless and disabled veterans and poor families struggle to find shelters and affordable housing, while thousands of illegal aliens are settled in to Maine shelters and hotels with all their expenses paid for by struggling taxpayers.

Janet Mills sued the Trump administration on behalf of millions of illegal aliens at a time when Maine has “no-go zones” where native Mainers are assaulted simply for walking in their own neighborhoods and public parks because African gangs have claimed some areas as their territory.  Maine children are labeled as ‘racist’ if they complain about the violence and the 3rd world gangs that have been placed into their schools and communities.

The mass resettlement of illegal aliens from the 3rd world brings more crime, more rapes,  more drugs, more sex trafficking, and more domestic violence.  It is native Mainers who are blamed for the crime statistics which are used by the State to justify more Orwellian laws and abuses against Maine families.

Janet Mills’ priorities have been abortions, divisive race and gender politics, and mass resettlement of criminal aliens into Maine.  This deliberate transformation of once peaceful Maine communities, of Maine traditions, and of Maine’s social cohesion into a 3rd world hell hole, with a banana republic justice system, will be Janet Mills’ true legacy.  

Lying Prosecutors and the Charade of Disciplinary Actions

This week a disciplinary panel in Missouri recommended St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner be found guilty of egregious misconduct in her prosecution of republican Governor Eric Greitens.

The panel concluded that Gardner and an FBI agent both lied about evidence in a criminal case they pursued against Greitens.  The FBI agent, William Don Tisaby, pled guilty in March to tampering with evidence.

Governor Greitens was previously described by the New York Times as a “Rising GOP Star”, but was criminally charged by Kim Gardner for taking an alleged sexual photo of his ex-lover without her permission and for claims of campaign finance violations.

Greitens maintained his innocence and called it “legal harassment.”  After being forced to resign, the criminal case against him fell apart and a complaint was made against Kim Gardner for prosecutorial misconduct.

After an investigation and a hearing the Missouri disciplinary panel determined that Gardner willfully and deliberately lied and allowed an FBI agent to lie about evidence against Greitens.

Providing the proper evidence to defendants is “one of the most basic responsibilities of a prosecutor,” the panel said.   And yet despite recommending the State Supreme Court find her guilty, the panel recommended she not be punished.

If willfully and deliberately lying about evidence in a criminal case against an elected sitting Governor, who was then forced to resign, is not enough to warrant punishment, then what possible recourse does any average Missourian have by filing a disciplinary complaint against any corrupt prosecutor?

This is not the first time Kim Gardner has been mired in controversy after winning her first term as St. Louis’ Circuit Attorney (aka District Attorney) with funding from George Soros.

Gardner previously prosecuted a white couple for guarding their house while holding firearms after armed Black Lives Matter rioters broke on to their private property and threatened to rape and murder them. None of the criminal rioters were charged.

And like other radical, George Soros financed, pro-Black Lives Matter prosecutors, Kim Gardner’s woke racial equity reforms apparently involve not prosecuting black defendants for violent crimes, such as murder.  Gardner and her staff have been known not to show up to hearings, hence forcing the court to dismiss murder cases.  Last year in a span of one week the Court was forced by Gardner’s tactics to dismiss three separate murder cases.  In one of the cases the judge finally made it clear who was responsible, stating:

“In a case like this where the Circuit Attorney’s office has essentially abandoned its duty to prosecute those it charges with crimes, the court must impartially enforce the law and any resultant threat to public is the responsibility of the Circuit Attorney’s Office.”

While letting violent criminals walk, Gardner used her office to go after the police. Prosecuting offices are not tasked with doing criminal investigations, but Gardner’s office overstepped its role by conducting its own criminal investigations and prosecutions of police officers.

In 2019, the Missouri Police Union blasted Gardner’s office for “unprecedented abuse of power” in charging two police officers instead of the suspect they sought charges against for shooting at them.  In a statement, St. Louis Police Officers Association’s Jeff Roorda said:

“Kim Gardner has disregarded the statements of four police officers, video evidence and forensic evidence and instead decided to take the word of a would-be cop-killer who the police department describes as a known gang member and charged the victims in this crime [instead].”

The Police Union also called for a criminal investigation into Gardner’s finances.  The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Gardner $63,009 for concealing financial contributions and using her campaign funds for personal expenses.

In 2020 Gardner filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing the city, the local police union and others of entrenched racism and a racist conspiracy to block her reform agenda and force her out of office.

Like countless other criminal prosecutors across the country, Kim Gardner uses her office to engage in prosecutorial misconduct and civil rights abuse with impunity.

Thanks to the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel who failed the people of Missouri, Kim Gardner is free to use her law license and prosecutorial power to abuse the innocent, protect the guilty, and undermine the entire justice system in St. Louis.

Law enforcement and the judicial system fail the American people with their useless investigations and corrupt disciplinary board charades which routinely give lawless prosecutors a pass for their crimes.

Gardner is currently running for re-election, as one of 24 radical prosecutors elected in to office with the help of George Soros’s $29 million investment to reshape America using the unchecked power of the prosecutors.

© Vladek Filler

Mike Perdue, Hero Dad

Mike Perdue of Michigan, died using his body to cushion and shield his 11 year old daughter Lanley during a plane crash. The hero dad grabbed and held her body tight in a bear hug to protect her during impact.

The young girl was the sole survivor of the plane crash that left 4 others dead. She credits her father’s tight embrace for saving her life.

His wife, Christie Perdue, told ABC that, “Laney told me in the hospital that her last memory is that dad just grabbed her and held her really, really tight, and in my heart I know that protected her.”

Speaking to CNN, she stated that they originally planned to allow their daughter to fly alone that day to visit her friends on the island, but then her father decided that he should accompany her after all.

“He loves so deeply, and he showed people that love,” she said of her husband. “He was just an amazing human being and we’ll spend the rest of our life just honoring his memory.”

“I Was Disrespected Today”

It is hard to disagree with Feminism’s demand for men to treat women with absolute equality. That should mean, to expect women to pull their own weight and face the same consequences for their actions (as men).

According to Feminism, the kind and selfless actions by the men in the video below constituted ‘misogyny’, which might explain the woman’s disdain towards these men for helping her.

Many young men marry and have children with women like this because they are never taught to have self-respect, or taught to say “no” to women.

A Space Odyssey: A scorned lover, a diaper, and a drill

Houston, We Have A Problem

In June 2018, a crew of six was on board the International Space Station (ISS) for a 7 month mission.  Like all space missions, it was a culmination of years of preparations, tests, simulations, and investment of hundreds of billions of dollars and dedication of thousands of people.

Less than 3 months in to the space mission, on August 30, 2018, the ISS suddenly began to lose air pressure causing the crew to scramble. Ground control calculated that there would be a complete loss of air on ISS within 18 days.  Finding the source of the air leak was akin to finding a needle in a hay stack, and if not managed quickly, it would force an emergency evacuation of the crew.

The Russian crew found the leak and against the recommendation of the American crew, undertook a risky but effective way to seal it.  The leak came from holes drilled in to the hull of the Russian habitation module’s toilet area, and was concealed by a cloth cover.

An official cited by Russian press stated that the person responsible for the holes clearly lacked knowledge of the Soyuz capsule’s structure and made eight attempts to drill holes, some in strange locations, with “a wavering hand” operating the drill, before finally getting one hole all the way through. They cite evidence that the holes were deliberately drilled from inside the craft and while it was in the weightless environment.

After an extensive investigation by the Roscosmos state space agency the matter has been referred for criminal charges.  Their official statement reads:

“All results of the investigation regarding the hole in the habitation compartment of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft have been handed over to law enforcement agencies.”

Officially few details have been released about the report; however, details of the investigation have been emerging through Russian news media.

The findings and allegations are shocking.

Russian news agencies RIA Novosti and TASS reported that NASA’s female astronaut Serena Maria Auñón-Chancellor drilled the holes “due to suffering [a psychological episode] after a failed romantic relationship with one of the crew members.”

TASS and Izvestia, citing a high ranking official source, reported that Auñón-Chancellor took drastic action to ‘speed up her return to Earth’.

Reports allege that the American crew commander, Andrew Fustel, submitted an emergency request to NASA to have Auñón-Chancellor evacuated from ISS due to a medical condition.  NASA allegedly refused the request.  A return from ISS requires three crew members.  In order to bring Auñón-Chancellor back to earth early NASA would have to pay up to $85 million dollars to have Russia launch another Soyuz rocket and crew to pick her up.  NASA was not inclined to do so. 

The only other way Aunon-Chancellor could be flown back to earth early was if there was an emergency on the space station requiring all crew members to be evacuated. 

Unconfirmed reports claim that during this time, the toilet on the American side of ISS broke down, forcing the American crew to employ diapers.  Auñón-Chancellor allegedly took issue with this, complained, and requested special accommodations to use the Russian crew’s habitation module toilet.  Her request was allegedly denied. 

NASA has not confirmed nor denied the broken toilet incident that may have set the subsequent events in motion.

According to Russian sources, while the Russian crew was performing scheduled maintenance on ISS,  Auñón-Chancellor went to their bathroom and drilled the holes in retaliation and as a means to force an emergency return back to earth without  NASA having to pay the Russians $85 million dollars.

There was a reasonable chance the drilled hole would not be located by the crew in time.  The Russians would have to use the same habitation module to return the crew back to earth. The drilled holes in the module would have never been discovered on earth because the module would be discarded and burned up in earth’s atmosphere during reentry.

Aside from the claims of Auñón-Chancellor’s psychotic behavior, her alleged actions suggest that it was not entirely an insane plan by a crazy person, but rather a well calculated and deliberate crime.

The Russian media has cited claims of NASA’s stonewalling of Roscosmos’ investigation.  A video recording on board the space station which monitors the common area between American and Russian capsules was “mysteriously” not made available. NASA also refused to allow Russians to examine the drills on board ISS to test them for metal shavings.  Upon return to earth, both Russian crew members submitted to polygraph tests while NASA refused to conduct or allow a polygraph test on Serena Marie Auñón-Chancellor.  NASA also refused to provide her psychological and medical evaluation results.

The allegations and NASA’s response raises legitimate questions.  This is not the first time female NASA astronauts have been accused of serious misconduct.

In 2019, NASA astronaut Anne McClain was accused of committing crimes from space against her ex-wife during their bitter divorce and child custody battle.  The drama involved McClain’s attempt to gain custody of her ex-wife’s biological son who was born to the woman prior to her meeting McClain.  The personal and legal drama raised accusations while McClain was on NASA’s mission on ISS.  McClain was accused of using ISS computers in space to stalk and snoop on her ex-wife’s bank accounts and transactions.  McClain denied any wrongdoing and was not charged with any crimes, nor reprimanded by NASA.

In 2007, NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak packed a drilling hammer, an 8-inch buck knife, a disc of female bondage instructions, a map of her target’s neighborhood, gloves, a wig, BB gun, pepper spray, four feet of rubber tubing, duct tape, and other items in to her husband’s car.  She then allegedly used two diapers in order to avoid bathroom breaks as she drove non-stop for 900 miles from Texas to Florida in order to execute an attack on her astronaut ex-lover’s new girlfriend.  The assault took place at the Orlando airport, after Nowak allegedly stalked her victim for two months. Novak was arrested and pleaded guilty to several felonies.

After that widely publicized incident, NASA instituted psychological testing.  

But in 2018, regarding questions of Aunon-Chancellor’s condition on ISS and the hole drilling incident, NASA’s official pubic statement was: “To protect their privacy, the agency will not discuss medical information regarding crew members.”’ 

One Russian blogger writing about Auñón-Chancellor allegations wrote that Russians rarely send women in to space because women tend to fail psychological stress tests required for such jobs.

Some may immediately label such statements, and even such tests, as anti-woman, however, that comment raises the question of whether NASA is hiring people based on merits and their abilities to do the required jobs, rather than based on positive discrimination.

The question organizations such as NASA, US Department of Defense,  and all law enforcement agencies have to address is whether they are hiring the best possible people for the job.

The evidence seems to be, that they are not.  NASA is more interested in publicizing a “Historic All Women Spacewalk”, while its astronauts depend on Russians and their all male crews to fly them to and from ISS on Russian built rockets.

America must overcome identity politics and employ only the best people for the job based on merit rather than on political diversity quotas of sex, race, or gender.

If America fails to change its course and hire the absolute best men and women for the job, then psychologically unstable astronauts drilling holes in a $150 billion space station will be the least of our problems.

© Vladek Filler

Maine prosecutor, police, and town official charged in $13 million federal drug case

A Maine prosecutor, sheriff’s deputies, police officer and town selectman were among a dozen individuals charged in federal court on Wednesday in connection with a $13 million dollar illegal drug operation.

According to federal charges, Franklin county prosecutor Kayla Alves tipped off the police officers involved in the conspiracy about the surveillance and the federal criminal investigation in to the drug enterprise.  She is also charged with tempering with evidence.

It is not clear how district attorney Andrew Robinson overlooked all the criminality around him, while his assistant DA Kayla Alves was fully aware of the federal investigation and surveillance where local police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and a local politician were either employed by, or were partners of, the criminal enterprise that was under federal investigation for drug trafficking. It is possible Kayla Alves was not properly trained or supervised. Her highly reputable attorney, Walter McKee, stated she did nothing illegal.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of serious federal charges and in order to gain a better understanding, a closer examination of Andrew Robinson’s DA office and its priorities is warranted.

As prosecutor, Kayla Alves handled domestic violence cases in Robinson’s DA office.  Robinson started his own prosecutorial career handling domestic violence cases and made women’s issues one of the main priorities of his administration. Holding a radical feminist world view has been a long standing political litmus test for Maine prosecutors. It is virtually impossible to become a district attorney in Maine without bowing to radical feminists who run the domestic violence racket using millions of dollars of federal funds.

In May of this year, for example, Robinson wrote a strong letter to Maine Legislature’s Judiciary Committee in support of a new Bill that would allow gender discrimination in prostitution cases.  The law would allow prostitutes criminal immunity and expungement of past convictions.  This would likely result in even more prostitution.  However, under the proposed law men would face “increased penalties” and harsher prosecution for engaging prostitutes.   Robinson’s sexist position views female criminals as victims who need to be protected from criminal records, and criminal prosecution applied based on gender rather than on facts and evidence in each case.

In a truly Orwellian fashion Robinson called this an “Equality Model”.

Some Maine prosecutors see the world through ‘The Power and Control Wheel’ which was fabricated out of thin air by a couple of unqualified radical feminists to justify blaming men accused by any woman.  Perhaps Robinson has been more focused on how to spend the federal Violence Against Women Act grants or to find more men to prosecute rather than noticing the $13 million dollar drug empire operating in his district with the help of his staff and local law enforcement.  Clearly local corruption was not Robinson’s priority.

Perhaps the federal prosecutors should use DA Robinson’s “Equality Model” to hold him responsible as a man and supervisor of Kayla Alves. Using the same logic Maine prosecutors employ against men, the ‘power dynamic’ in his DA office should be taken in to consideration.  And perhaps federal prosecutors should consider Kayla Alves’ feelings for any possible criminal charging decisions against DA Robinson. After all, in Maine criminal charging decisions are often based on ‘believing all women’ and their feelings about their inner thoughts rather than their actions.

Perhaps what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

And while many Maine men get little to no sympathy from the State as they struggle with economic hardship and substance abuse, what they do get is criminal prosecutions, imprisonment, and their lives permanently destroyed.  The suicide rate of Maine men is off the charts.  For many years suicide was the number one cause of death of Maine men in their prime. Today it’s ranked number two just below drug overdose deaths.

Is it possible that some Mainers may have been victimized twice by some of these same law enforcement officials; once when they were sold the illicit drugs and a second time when they were prosecuted for buying them? There needs to be more investigations and criminal accountability. 

This case is likely just the tip of the iceberg in Maine, where far greater civil rights crimes are committed by officials, with impunity, throughout the Maine justice system. Maine’s Attorney General is responsible with oversight and prosecution of civil rights crimes. Yet his office has not held any prosecutors or police accountable for misconduct even after court findings of egregious violations.

Perhaps federal authorities and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division could investigate the rampant corruption that plagues the Maine justice system. And perhaps, DA Robinson and the Maine Judiciary Committee could recall that the real “Equality Model” is detailed in the U.S. Constitution where laws must be applied and enforced equally regardless of anyone’s gender, race, or their social or political status.

© Vladek Filler