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Lying Prosecutors and the Charade of Disciplinary Actions

 This week a disciplinary panel in Missouri recommended St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner be found guilty of egregious misconduct in her prosecution of republican Governor Eric Greitens. The panel concluded that Gardner and an FBI agent both lied about evidence in a criminal case they pursued against Greitens.  The FBI agent, William Don … Continue reading Lying Prosecutors and the Charade of Disciplinary Actions

Mike Perdue, Hero Dad

Mike Perdue of Michigan, died using his body to cushion and shield his 11 year old daughter Lanley during a plane crash. The hero dad grabbed and held her body tight in a bear hug to protect her during impact. The young girl was the sole survivor of the plane crash that left 4 others … Continue reading Mike Perdue, Hero Dad

“I Was Disrespected Today”

It is hard to disagree with Feminism’s demand for men to treat women with absolute equality. That should mean, to expect women to pull their own weight and face the same consequences for their actions (as men). According to Feminism, the kind and selfless actions by the men in the video below constituted ‘misogyny’, which … Continue reading “I Was Disrespected Today”

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